Bespoke Jewellery Design by Sally Fry

The lovely Betty (who is sadly no longer with us,) was a collector of gemstones and picked up a beautiful 14.05ct watermelon topaz from one of her travels.
A long standing customer that trusted me to design something spectacular to showcase the gem.

Betty knew she would like a necklace and preferred the step cut stone to be worn portrait style.
My priority is always to design around the shape and cut to really accentuate its beauty, so I had fun sketching some different designs and narrowed them down to five gouache paintings so we could discuss options.

Taking an instant liking to the semi-set ‘frame’ ideas, simply cradling the gem within deep bars of 18ct white gold, which really accented the unusual facets on the convex surface of the topaz. Betty chose the design with five varying sizes of 0.20ct bezel set diamonds, almost acting as twinkling ‘stoppers’.

What an absolute joyous commission and a total honour to have worked with such a gem of a lady.

Bespoke Jewellery Design by Sally Fry
Bespoke Jewellery Design by Sally Fry

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