Bespoke Jewellery Design by Sally Fry

Lorraine asked me to take a look at the claws on her inherited Great-Grandma’s diamond ring as they were a bit scratchy still after restoration.
Unfortunately, the 100 years of being worn and loved had finally taken its toll and retirement was calling, any more intervention would have been detrimental to its structure.
Her own beloved diamond solitaire engagement ring was in a similar predicament after 20 years of service, barely any claws left and the shank had worn thin against her wedding ring.

I gently suggested removing all the diamonds in both rings to combine them in a fresh new setting for her, so she could wear them both together, sketching out some ideas.
Lorraine loved the idea of one chunky 10mm ring to hold all the diamonds so I set about extracting them at my bench.
The ring was to be worn a lot, so it was made comfort fit on the inside, as such a uniformly wide band may have felt a bit restricting otherwise and a tapered band was not on the cards!

The diamonds were flush smoothly into the 23g 18ct recycled gold band, with the remaining 2 smaller stones twinkling beautifully in star settings, celebrating 2 happy marriages, the result was stunning.

Diamonds really are forever.

Bespoke Jewellery Design by Sally Fry
Bespoke Jewellery Design by Sally Fry
“Thank-you sooo much, OMG it’s beautiful, Im so lucky to have it.
It’s even more gorgeous than I imagined and so comfy, I even potted some geraniums in it, forgetting I was wearing it.
I absolutely love it.”Lorraine

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